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Keep calm when your buttons are pushed
Shed those last 10 pounds
Power your day without napping under the desk
Have your body match how boss you really are
Get your wellness. shi(f)t. together.

3 wellness insider tips not many know...

I help busy achievers like you to improve stress, food and fitness, rooted in mindfulness, to win at life. Now, many nutrition and fitness programs give helpful info, but don't also help ease stress that throws it off. Trifecta Method® adds in that missing link—practices used for stress by top companies, pro sports and more—for your own wellness optimization. Simple.


The struggle is real. Nutrition and fitness gets confusing, with loads of info. Actually doing what we know gets trickier.

Maybe we've settled for crushing it with work but not wellness. Maybe we can’t last the day without a slump or fully zip those pants. Maybe we feel less desirable or life passing us by.

What we're up against is modern stress. It challenges our choices and health. Now, many diet and fitness sources provide good info, but not also ways to navigate this.

Here, we fuse in the same simple practices used for stress by A-players in business to sports, so your wellness actually works for you. Here, I share my Trifecta Method® insider tips, tried-and-true, for radical wellness to do anything and everything you want. Here...


“After a hectic day, I noticed complete calm. It was great. That was terrific.”

Online Participant

“This wasn’t too trendy or too academic. It was intelligent, thought provoking, and timely.”

Corporate Participant

“Suddenly my clothes fit that hadn’t for years. My stomach’s gone. Its very successful.”

Individual Client

“Thanks—it will change my life.”

Seminar Participant

“This is important. I don’t talk at home. Now I will. Thank you.”

Worksite Participant

“I want to thank you. This was different because it changed my life.”

9-Year Old Participant

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